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XGames Pro Boarder Cheats

X-Games Pro Boarder

Bonus Levels: 
In amateur mode, earn high scores in every level available.
Then do the same in professional mode. After you've done this,
Circuit mode will be enabled. Beat it and more levels will appear.

Here are some non-direct moves for Pro Boarder:
Normal Stance/ Half Pipe Tricks:

-McTwist: Hold UP and RIGHT and do a 540 (getting wide air helps)
-Rodeo 7: Hold DOWN and LEFT and do a 720
-Rodeo 5: Hold DOWN and LEFT and do a 540
-Crippler: Hold DOWN and LEFT and do a 360 with wide air

Track Tricks:
-Rodeo 7: Same as half pipe rodeo
-Misty 7: Hold UP and RIGHT and do a 720
-Misty Flip: Hold UP and RIGHT and do a 540

With Goofy Footed players RIGHT=LEFT and LEFT=RIGHT
Regardless of you riding fakey or note the trick stays the same.


Unlockable	How to Unlock	
Circuit Mode       - Get the highest score on the Amateur and 
                     Professional difficulty.
Hidden Boarder     - Finish first in all of the "Super Circuit Mode" events.
Super Circuit Mode - Get a first place finish in all "Circuit Mode" events
                     to unlock "Super Circuit Mode".
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