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World War 3 Black Gold Cheats

World War 3 - Black Gold

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: Kerber

Update by: Elliot Gawthrop

Ingame press "Enter" and enter "peace". This will enable the following codes: 
Then, press [Enter], type one of the following codes, then press [Enter] again 
to activate the cheat function.

Code phrase          Result
HereYouAre!        - Reveals enemy units and buildings (not on mini-map!)
BeautifulWorld     - Reveals all map
Shower             - Big amount of blows on the screen area
MoneyForNothing x  - Gives of money
Limit_up x         - Set total units cost to
NobelPrize 1       - Allows instant research
Smash              - Big blow in the center of the screen
ByeBye             - Destroy all enemy units
GoHome!            - Destroy all of your units
IDKFA              - Heal and rearms all selected units
JudgementDay       - Destroy all enemy units and structures in viewed area.
ScienceForNothing  - Cheaper research.
Tromaville         - Weaken all enemy structures in current viewing area.
Moonlight          - Reveal current area.
UltraScience       - Very fast research.
MyBrainIsFaster x  - Change research speed; 10 is quick research.
Hide               - Hide current map.
NewOne [unit name] - Orders a new unit.

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