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Uplink Cheats


Cheat Codes:
by Blackclaw :

Register your name as "TooManySecrets" than enter the game after logging press "F1" 
and bring cheat menu.Good bye Pals.
Note: If you install the v1.2 patch, this code will no longer work.

With the FBI mod installed, create a new agent with the name CharlieBean (case-sensitive) 
and any desired password.  Once the game begins, press [F1] to activate the cheat menu. 

Cheats supplied by Rushyo (on the Uplink forum):

--- Big Wallet ---
Type 'toomanysecrets' as your name and password when signing up as a new user.

--- Password for gamebible on the CD ---
I'll leave you with a riddle:
Look on the back of the box and convert the strange line into the first 3 letters of a 5-sided 

--- Huge Score ---
NOTE: Unless your an expert you will be caught doing this. 
However you still keep the score gained from it.

Whilst attempting the bank hacking missions you may notice either:
a) An account with over a million credits
b) A statement with over a million credits

Either way, note down the account with the money and the bank. Go back and transfer 
the money to your account.If you clean up logs on both ends and the logs for your 
connection, you will gain that money.
If you don't then the game will end with a huge score (your normal score + the amount 
you stole).

Cheat Code:
Submitted by: J.M.T.H

Make a new game. When it says enter name, put TooManySecrets and enter any password 
that you want. Start the game

Code    Result
Press F1 to open cheat menu.

Submitted by: Norman Pillow

There are two ways to access the cheat menu. The slow one, and the fast one 

Here is the fast way:
Step 1: Start a new gamefile with the username "TooManySecrets"

Step 2: Create a password for this username, such as "TooManySecrets"

Step 3: Enter the game, and press "F1" at any screen. A cheat menu will appear,
        giving you a list of cheats.

And here is the slow way:
Step 1: Open up all the servers in the game.(on your world map, and your server
        list, making them visible).

Step 2: Get access to all the government servers (Stock Market, GCD, Academic, 
        Social Security, Criminal Database) and get admin access. Then get admin
        access on the Protovision game server. Now connect to the credits machine,
        and back to the Uplink Internal Services. There should be a new item called
        "Cheats", in the "Software" upgrades menu.

Step 3: and last but not least, you buy it as if it were a normal piece of equipment
        (software). It costs 0g, and goes in your program list under other.

Well this is the 1st way I got the cheats with. Of course you "COULD" use the fast 
"TooManySecrets" way, but what is the fun in that. This method takes about 30 - 60 
min, if your fast, and it involves alotta fast thinkin, weather or not to delete the 
logs, or just logout and hope not to get caught.

Uplink cheats & hints:
Submitted by: xiang-deng

Use 'TooManySecrets' (case sensitive) as your agent name with any password, press 
[F1] anytime during the game to bring up the cheat menu.

Introversion IP                  -
Uplink test machine password     - rosebud
Protivision Game Server password - joshua
Uplink Game Bible password       - too many secrets?

Game developers:
Get disavowed, then quit the game. Log back into the game and when the score 
screen appears, move the pointer to the upper-left corner. A symbol will appear. 
Click on the symbol. 

Hidden message:
Open up the rear shell of the game's jewel case to find a hidden message on a 
white slip of paper. 

Crack into the InterNIC:
To crack into the InterNIC, buy the Dictionary_Hacker v1.0 and use it on the 
Admin button.

Mole Mission:
Hack the admin account of the Uplink Internal Service System. Once there, 
download the agent lists (you cannot get #4). You will soon be emailed about 
selling the list. 

Cheaper memory:
When buying memory in large amounts, purchase it in 24 Gq bundles. 
It is cheaper than all the others per module.

False alarms:
If you have the motion detector turned on, it will turn red when technicians 
are installing parts. Do not nuke your gateway then.

Get extra links:
Go to interNIC. Go to "Browse/Search". The large bookmark menu is all of 
the links in the game. Press the "Plus" button to the left of the bookmark 
to get it. You can now use them to bounce around your calls. 

Introversion Uplink:
Submitted by:Matt Borja
The Article Project - Free Articles and Submission

The latest patch for the Uplink game has a lot of nice new features in it. 
However, at the same time, it disables many of the common cheats out there. 
Here's a way to take advantage of both worlds!

Install Uplink from the CD, and download the patch from the Introversion site, 
but DO NOT install it yet. Create a user named TooManySecrets and hit F1 in the 
game to bring up the cheats menu. Click on Max Rating (but DO NOT click on Next 
Rating after this otherwise you'll crash it), then click on the extra money option 
until you have over 1,000,000 credits. Don't forget to click All Software and 
Hardware as well.

Once you are done, exit the game and go into C:\Program Files\Uplink\users 
(or wherever you installed Uplink to). Make a copy of TooManySecrets.usr, 
rename it as New User.usr and set the attributes to Read Only. Make another 
copy and rename it to the username you would like to use in the game, making 
sure you append .usr at the end of the filename. Now install the latest patch 
and you will find that it has backwards compatibility with your user accounts.

Do this, and you will have all hardware, all software, outrageous sum of money, 
and most of the new features of the latest patch. Pretty cool huh!

Saving your software:
Note: This is only really useful once you have got the Gateway Motion Sensor and 
Gateway Nuke. Get a "Copy and secure database" mission of any kind (corporate, 
research, software, customer, etc.) and your employer will give the address of 
the fileserver to upload all of the database files to. After you complete the 
mission and get paid, do not delete the fileserver link. Your password and username 
will work on that system indefinitely; after they pay you, go back to the server 
and upload all your software. Do not bother with Motion Sensor or Gateway Nuke, 
since you have to have hardware installed to use them. If the machine stops letting 
you copy files, you can delete the database files, as long as you have already been 
paid and keep uploading your software. Then, if you have to nuke your gateway you 
can connect again as soon as you get a new gateway. You do not need a Trace Tracker,
and can get all your software back. You need to have the Connection Analysis, and 
LAN View upgrades before you can use LAN software or bypassers.

Avoid getting caught by the sysadmin: 
When you get to the main server on a LAN, the sysadmin will start tracing you as 
soon as you connect. The trace tracker starts going off and the LAN map starts 
showing the sysadmin's progress in tracing you. However, the two are not the same. 
On missions where you have to destroy the targets system's files, go into the 
console and type: 

cd usr [press enter]
delete [press enter] 

Then while it is deleting files type:

disconnect [press enter] 

You can now switch to the LAN view and watch the admin, because the machine will 
not run the "disconnect" command until after it is done deleting. When the files 
finish deleting, you will be automatically disconnected, and since your watching 
the sysadmin you can hit the "Disconnect" button when he gets too close or the 
trace tracker runs low on time.

Bank Robbing:
Not really a cheat but still a great way to get money easily. You'll need a Log 
Deleter version 4, A HUD Connection Analyzer, a Proxy Bypass version 5, a dictionary
hacker is useful, and a rank of intermediate. Get a mission to trace a balance 
transfer. After you complete the mission to find out where the money went go back 
into the account and set up a transfer for the money to your bank account. You'll 
need to turn on the Proxy Bypass to finalize it. Then go into view statement and 
erase the log of the transfer (top one). Leave and immediately go to wherever you 
wipe your tracks at and do so. Then go into your bank account, bypass the proxy, 
delete the record in the statement saying you received the money, and leave and 
wipe your tracks again. This is an easy way to make hundreds of thousands of 

No Evidence:
You will first need a password breaker. Connect directly to InterNic, select admin 
and then crack the password (They will not trace you!). Then with a Lvl 4 or above 
Log Deleter, you can delete everything in the list (if any) to cover your tracks. 
In order for this to work you will have to re-route your connection through InterNic 
when doing missions. Preferably make it your third or fourth connection. 
Then once you've finished the mission follow the steps as above.
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