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Typing of the Dead Cheats

Typing of the Dead

Hidden Options:
The password for the hidden option VS. Computer in the game is: DOAKSIM 

Other Passwords:
Type the following codes in the "Password Entry" section: 


They activate: 
1) Free Play (Infinte Continue)
2) Allow access to all boss in Boss Mode
3) Allow access to all levels in Drill Mode
4) Allow access to all CPU characters (Citizens, Harry, etc...) in VS CPU mode.

New Cheat:
Submitted by: Dj Simo

STKZJGH = Cpu vs Mode

Unlock Codes:
Try entering these codes if you are having trouble progressing in the game.

Unlock ALL Drill Mode Levels, ALL Bosses, ALL CPU Characters:
Enter the code KIKMAHP or DKRORCR

Unlock 5 Lives:
Enter the code TORAMAN 

Unlock 9 Continues:
Enter the code DEBTINU 

Unlimited Continues:
Enter the code POQRTJC 

Begin the Game at the Final Chapter:
Enter the code TMTSINO 

Unlock Vs. CPU Mode:
Enter the code BBCDTBC

CPU opponents:
Defeat the indicated opponent three times to unlock the next 
CPU character. 

Amy Cristal    - Defeat A Citizen
David (Zombie) - Defeat Amy Cristal
Harry Harris   - Defeat David
Thomas Rorgan  - Defeat Harry Harris

Coin bonuses:
Collect the indicated number of coins in Original mode to 
unlock the corresponding bonus. 

5 lives in options menu          - Five coins
9 Continues in options menu      - Fifteen coins
Unlimited continues              - Twenty five coins
Start at final chapter           - Twenty coins
Start with two molotov cocktails - Ten coins
Unlock everything: Thirty coins 

Dancing zombies:
Type the names as they appear during the credits. When a section is completed, the 
zombies will begin to dance.

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: AlnelExtreme

NOTE: Please exclude all lines starting with (#) in the cheat contents. This is here 
to indicate that the previous submission is to be discarded. And here is the newest 
version of the cheat. Thank you!

Type the following passwords in the password entry to achieve the corresponding effects.

Effect Password
Unlock everything - KIKMAHP
Unlock 5 lives option - TORAMAN
Unlock 9 continues option - DEBTINU
Unlock Free Play option - POQRTJC
Unlock 5 lives, 9 continues and - DKRORCR
Free Play options
Unlock vs CPU mode - STKZJGH
Unlock all vs CPU characters - VJSICDO
Unlock Original Sin in Original mode - TMTSINO
Unlock all bosses in Boss mode - SCOKXBN
Unlock all drill levels - QCOYXXY

Type All You Want (Golden Hands)
First, enter KIKMAHP in the password entry. Start a new game in Original Mode. Before 
you start typing, press F1, and feel free to type anything randomly. Oh, yeah! Typing 
has never been this fun, has it? But remember, the effect of the Golden Hands power-up 
is just momentary so don't forget to press F1 when the turning hands at the bottom of 
the screen are about to disappear. Do this process repeatedly all the way until you 
finish all the chapters in the game. 

Typing Secrets

Did you know that you can type without using the spacebar on your keyboard? For 
instance, you are to type "I don't appreciate typing at all". Don't type exactly what
is meant to be typed. Instead, you can type "Idon'tappreciatetypingatall". It's 

No caps
Did you know, too, that you can type the alphabetical characters in either case? Whoa!
That means you can type any letter without using the Shift key or having to turn on 
Caps Lock despite its capitalization. For example, you are to type "I love The Typing
of The Dead but not typing all-CAPITAL-letter words. NEVER!". Alternatively, type "i 
love the typing of the dead but not typing all-capital-letter words. never!". That's 
good to know, right?

Cap-less and no space
Did you know, too (this is the last one), that you can type using both typing tips 
together to aid yourself in difficulty? As an exemplar, instead of typing "Can you 
cAPITALIZE the capital of Mississippi?", prefer typing 
"canyoucapitalizethecapitalofmississippi?". Whichever your preference is, good luck 
to you.

Additional info

Unlock everything
The effects of this password include all other effects
aforementioned plus all tutorial lessons, drill levels and
power-ups including two Molotov Cocktail and unlimited Golden
Hands power-ups which can be used in Original mode. See? It's
like a shortcut to the activation of all cheats.

Unlock vs CPU mode
All three passwords have exactly the same effect. It's up to you
whichever you like to use.

Unlock Original Sin
As it reads, it only works for the Original mode, not for the
Arcade mode. Every single time you want to play the final
chapter, you must have to have previously played the last
chapter(s) first before it.

There are a total of 12 passwords for the game. How did I find
all the passwords queerly? Well, the short answer is, I opened it
with a text editor. The long answer is, I opened the executable
of the game with a Notepad. Since, I already know one password
before, I used the Find tool to look for it in the text contents
and so I found the rest of the valid passwords. For example, I
already know KIKMAHP, then I looked for it in its contents and
found other passwords, with KIKMAHP being highlighted, like:

Submitted by: AlnelExtreme

Secret paths
This involves decisions whether to rescue certain citizens in
some places in some chapters in the game. Such decisions can
affect your character in choosing paths. For example, at the
beginning of Chapter 2 (Muddy), a citizen driving a car has
been attacked by a zombie. This gives you two choices from which
you can only choose one. The first is to save the attacked
citizen and continue the same way. The other one is to forget
about points and, of course, gallantry, and discover a whole new
path you've never gone through yet. But be careful, rescuing
citizens earns you appreciable points which can play a part on
your final score at the end of the chapter. However, I recommend
you to try every way until you have discovered all the secret
paths in the game.

Keyboard Shortcuts
There are a number of keyboard shortcuts you might have not known
yet. They can help you either to switch between screens
immediately or to get the most out of your game.

Key(s) Can be used during/at Function
Arrows Menu Menu selection
(U/D & L/R)
Enter Gameplay Start or continue a
game (if you have
credits remaining)
Menu Confirm currently
selected option.
Esc Gameplay Cancel all typed
characters in the
current word box or
de-select it.
Menu Return to the
previous screen.
Pause Gameplay Pause the game.
Press again to
F1+F4 Gameplay (Original mode) Use items or power-
ups you have found
in the game.
Alt+F2 Any time Press simultaneously
to return to the
title screen.
Alt+F3 Gameplay Return to the menu
screen from Drill or
Tutorial mode.
Alt+F4 Any time This one's obvious.
Quit the game!
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