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Turbo Pizza Cheats

Turbo Pizza

Tips and Tricks:
Submitted by: RM

Here are some tips for scoring well in this awesome game.

1. Pay close attention to the way combos are formed in the tutorial.
You will never get expert rankings in most of the levels just by being
fast. You MUST use combos. Sometimes you WILL have to lose a customer 
in order to maintain a combo string in order to get an expert ranking.

2. Make sure you get the extra oven as soon as it is available. Be 
patient when you start spending the money, those waiter courses can 
wait till you have an extra oven.

3. As soon as each level opens, run to the popcorn machine, cofee maker 
and make a pizza of each type before handing out your first menu. This 
will make you ready for anything! If you do not have a cofeemaker 
upgrade you cannot prepare coffee until someone orders it.

Buy a third oven asap. Then you can always have one of each of the three 
types of pizza available. You do not lose points for throwing away food 
so prepare everything from the popcorn to the coffee to the pizzas, in 
advance! It saves time and you'll serve customers more quickly too!

The Infamous Level 39:
Getting an expert ranking on level 39 can't be done thru normal reaction 
time or prioritizing. You have to do the level a zillion times and basically
memorize it to know when the combos will come. There are 2 combos here that 
are extremely important:

1st. when the clock is just about halfway you will have 2 customers walk in, 
an old lady and a golfer. Serve them but do NOT pick up thier coins. Wait for
the next old lady to come and order a soda, (have the soda ready in your hand)
then pick up all 3 coins at once.

2nd, the second group after the 3/4 mark on the clock will come in a group of 
4. Take thier orders but do NOT serve them. Wait because two more people will 
come in at the last seond. This will allow you a larger combo handing out 
menus and a larger combo picking up coins. Have the Fat Old Ladies orders 
in your hand while you wait. Once the final 2 people in the group enter 
you have to be FAST!

Even if you pull off both of these combos flawlessly you have to be super 
fast on the rest of level 39 to score expert. This means basically memorizing
what people order so you have it ready and are standing there the second 
they order. Ice cream flavors are random, the person who orders ice cream 
will always order ice cream.

If you play thru perfectly you will be able to score expert, but it is a 
huge challenge and requires significant effort and resolve.
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