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Total Air War Cheats

Total Air War

Tip 1:
Quicker promotions can be had at the start of a campaign by skipping the
minor 50-point sorties initially offered. Accelerate time with the scramble
button depressed, and you'll have the opportunity to take bonus missions 
that produce a lot more points. 

Tip 2:
When dogfighting be sure to use the thrust vectoring tilde key (~) to 
improve your turning performance. The F-22 will outturn just about anything 
else in the air, but only when it's flown right. 

Tip 3:
Use your wingmen as often as possible when targeting enemy planes; this 
helps conserve your ordnance for later encounters. TAW has an extremely 
target-rich environment, and it's quite easy to expend all your missiles
and go "Winchester" very early in the mission if you don't practice 
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