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Top Dog II Cheats

Top Dog II

Submitted by: David K.

* Even after the enemy plane dies, you can continue to shoot it for extra

* When the game starts and both planes are on the ground, wait until the 
  other one has taken off and time a shot with your cannon just after it 
  is off the ground. Try getting a few hits with the gun too.

* Releasing the throttle in a loop will allow you to turn with a much tighter
  radius; however, be careful not to stall and crash.

* At the beginning of each round, try to land. You can get in a sneaky hit at
  the beginning with a well placed cannon shot.

* If the enemy is on the ground, you can shoot it, but they can also shoot 
  you, so be careful when landing for ground repairs.

* When you are accelerating and turning, the enemy plane will do the same 
  thing. Neither of you can hit each other. While you are doing this, release
  the throttle, but keep turning. You will be able to shoot them with your 

* You can pick up the repair box without landing, make sure not to crash though.
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