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Tomb Raider 3 Cheats

Tomb Raider 3

Exploding Lara:
Submitted by: Imran Hussain(Rubab)

 - Take one step back
 - Take one step forward
 - Duck and stand
 - Spin 3 rounds
 - JUMP Forward to SKIP to explode lara

Self Destructing Cheat:
Submitted by: Imran Hussain(Rubab)

1.Walk Back once
2.Walk Forward once
3.crouch once
4.jump forward
Lara Croft Has blown into pieces.

Level Skip:
Submitted by: Ea Ytsma

While playing perform these actions. 
- Draw Pistols
- Take one step back
- Take one step forward
- Duck and stand
- Spin 3 rounds
- JUMP Forward to SKIP to the next level 

All Weapons:

While playing perform these actions. 
- Draw Pistols
- Take one step back
- Take one step forward
- Duck and stand
- Spin 3 rounds
- JUMP Backward to get all items, 
  weapons, and ammo 

Find the Key in Lara's House 
To find the key to Lara's race track you first need to lock the butler in 
the freezer. Then go to your bed room and get the flairs in the room next 
to her bed.

Next go down the hall and go into the attic and light a flair. Find the 
green or blue box and push it forword twice. Leave the attic and go to the
library in the upstairs. On the bookshelf on the wall on the right there is
a book that you have to push.

After you push it the fire in the fire place will go out. Go into the fire 
place and turn left you should be abel to climb the wall to a secret passage
follow the passage to a room.

In the room climb up onto the ledge and push the box from the attic to the
left. Then go to the other end of the ledge, light a flair and pull the 
lever on the wall. While the door opening scene runs press CIRCLE to turn 
around and run to the door under the stairs.

Once down there find another green box and pull it back once and to the 
right once. Jump up into the secret passage and into the water. Swim around
the tank to the other side but stay neer the glass and you find the key in 
the water. You can find it by looking around the fish tank in the basement. 

Get the Quad Bike at the House 
Go to the house and go to the zip line. Instad of going down the zip line, 
go to the far right corner and face he wall at an angle. Jump and press the
action button until Lara jumps high into the air; there will be a red square.
If you can do a standing jump and land on it, you can now do a running jump 
on to the house and to the area where the Quad Bike is kept. 

Secret Room in Lara's House 
When you get into the mansion go to the pool. On the back of 
the diving board is a switch. Hit it. That just opened a secret
place in Lara's main room of her house. Go in to the main room.
You will see a open door, go to it. Flip the lever and immediately
turn and sprint to a room behind you. Inside you will see artifacts
Lara has found in past games. 

Lara looking out the window. Maybe PETA's outside with the red paint. 

Submitted by mark stevens

To hear Lara scream orgasmically, get to the last level without saving 
once. Find the really high ledge and throw yourself off.  The screen 
will then change to her bedroom....enjoy!

Submitted by: Mohan

In the level HIGH SECURITY COMPOUND AREA, when you are at the base of the 
tower supporting the dish antenna and when you climb the ladder leading up 
which follows the passage way, you see a guard posted down the hall to the 
left with his back to you. You have to climb into the crawlspace at the end 
of the hall to the right, take the YELLOW SECURITY PASS and sneak back out 
the way you came. Many think that if the guard notices you, he will take action, 
but he will not do anything, instead he will be moving all around.

Submitted by: Mohan

This is a common TIP for all the three games Tomb Raider 3,4,5. 
For this TIP to work you must have unlimited health using the cheats. 
When you r using cheat codes for infinite health, pressing'9' will 
increase ur health to 100 % when ever you want. Not only that, when 
you need to fight more or when you feel that you will loose health 
fast, pressing the '9' key and shooting will do good. 
This also helps greatly when you have to swim for a long distance 
under water. This can be said as an alternative for GOD mode.

Submitted by: waqar


To kill French lady as i named it,a lady with black suit and yellow hairs & 
that fire twice at one time with her stick in city stage.When he begins fire
save your self and claim up the building as quickly as possible. On oppisite
side she also move above. Then the time come when she stop claim,stood and fire
at you.Then you need runing a jump from  same corner to other corner at same 
side.Now you are on one side with a red light and she on other where on roof 
the helecopter isready to fly.You may try to go near hir on iron bridge combining
both sides but you never do it as she repal you. All you need is run back of the 
block with two iron rods where you are safe from her attacks then you find a box 
on block which you want to hit with gun.As a result the block is earth which also
earth the bridge where the lady stands and she vanish by current.

To killed the spider-like-Willard in the Meteorite Cavern stage, fired him with 
guns during rotation away from him.After some minutes when he fell quickly run 
towards one of the nearest stone (The art fact which he steal from Lara croft 
named as (i) The eye of Isis (ii) Element 115 (iii) Infada stone (iv) Ora dagger)
pick a stone and quickly come under ring before he wakeup.Repeat this process 
until you collect all four stones then fire at him during rotation after some 
time you get ride of him.Remember never waste any time during collection of stone 
otherwise he fire at you with green power and you never escape.
E-mail me at:- 

Submitted by: Waqar zeb

There are lot of places in tomb raider 3 where you see large bell and door or 
only bell. These bells are used for open the door. 
Aim and shoot the bell cause the near or remote door open.

Submitted by: Waqar zeb

When you are in High Security Compound stage quickly sprint to 2nd story 
and open the door to escape the prisoners. The security gaurd will fallow 
you so be quick to free the prisoners as many as you can, then combat will 
start between gaurd and prisoners. Lara have noithing with help of which she 
kild gaurds in initial stage duration.As she is weaponless so the only solution 
is to allow prisoners (the stronge angry men)to help her. I inform you that 
must get keys,open doors, and do all the intelligent work itself except of 
fiting.When you found weapon never kill the prisoners otherwise they all 
attack you rather than help. 

Submitted by: Waqar zeb

To kild dinosaurs in Crash side when you open the aeroplane. You have to 
use aeroplane gun to blow them. Otherwise they eat you. This is not easy 
so you have to practise for controling and shooting the stand gun. 
There is no alternative to kild lot of dinosaurs.
e-mail |-

Submitted by: Waqar zeb

To kild dragon in 'The Dragon's Lair' part is when it run after chase you 
quickly run & deviate the direction to prevent lara from his fire. Run 
around that area to find pillers (there are lot of them) and hide your self 
behind it in such a way that dragon move on front. Then dragon stop and throw 
fire on you but you are safe because fire stricks to the piller, now draw the 
weapon and shoot continuously to his body after two minutes it fall but still 
breathing, now fastly run on it front side there you see a dagger 
(Artfact-Dagger of Xian)place in its stomach. Take out it then dragon die and 
his body convert into skeleton.

Lara's museum:
Activate the switch on the back of the diving board in Laura's pool room. Go 
to the door it opens in her lobby. Pull the lever, and quickly roll. Sprint 
straight across her lobby and roll into her museum, barely making it in time. 
The Dagger of Xian among other artifacts are in her museum. 

Use pistols for light:
In the passageway entered by pulling the book in the library, enable the "All 
weapons" code. Then, constantly fire the pistols to create light.

Night mode:
Enter the inventory durin game play. Select "Details" (the red glasses), then 
choose "Gamma" at the bottom of the list. Turn the brightness scale all the way 
down to 1, then resume the game. Everything will seem as if it is night time. 

Exploding Lara:
Hold [Shift] and move to walk one step back. Hold [Shift] and move to walk one 
step forward. Duck until Lara is fully down, then stand. Spin a full circle in 
any direction three times, then jump forward.

Easy rolling:
To roll easily, instead of pressing [End] press the [Up] + [Down].

All Hallowed bonus level:
Complete the normal levels and unlock all the secrets. The "All secrets" code may be 
used to do this instantly. The "All Hallows" level will appear at the "Load Game" 
screen. It is an extra London level.

India Jungle: Shortcut:
Slide down the track, jumping to grab the log and dispose of the monkey. Jump off the 
log to the left to grab some shotgun ammunition and a Large Medi Pack. Watch out for 
the boulder. Continue down the slope and collect the save crystal. Just past the save 
crystal, vault up onto the stone ledge. A sound will inform you that you have found a 
secret area. Collect all three items in the area and go towards the tree end. Walk as 
far on to the bushy area as possible and face the mound that is in your way. Walk 
carefully to the right hand side of the slightly highest square of ground and face 
the downwards sloping mound. Save the game. Release Walk, and take one big step back, 
then run and jump. If done correctly, you will find yourself on top of the ledge. 
Work your way forwards and jump the gap; it is smaller than it appears. After awhile 
you may need to start crawling. When you get to the end, drop down and you should 
land in front of the gate at the end of the level. However, you need a key. Turn to 
face the other ledge, at the top of some steps. As you climb up to the top of this 
ledge, a tiger should appear where you were. Kill it, then go to where the key should 
be without the shortcut, at the other side of the big long rock. Get the key, kill 
the monkey, and unlock the end gate.

Lara's Home:
When in the house, make your way to the library, go up the stairs and push the
protruding book into the second bookcase on the right. This switches the fire off.
Walk into the fireplace and climb up the left side and then on to the side, follow
it and drop down. Carry on into the new room and walk to the crate. Pull it back 
for flares from the wall. Climb on to the ledge and pull the crate out twice. Then
push it into the wall for convenience. Pull the lever, roll and run through the 
opening where the crate was, into the attic and down the stairs on the left. Jump
over the railings, then jump right over the stairs, turn around and run through the
open door. Get the flares and then go down and into the room. Pull the crate out 
into the middle then line it up with the opening above. Climb up and follow, then
drop into the water. Keep swimming, taking every right turn and find the key on the
floor by the glass. Grab it then go back to where you got into the water. then go 
back to the door that you opened before and go through. Now go to the racecourse 
and use the key on the lock. Now you can ride the quad bike.
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