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Thunderhawk Cheats


Fitted as standard to the thunderhawk is a 30mm three barrelled
chain gun. The gun is only really efective at ranges under .5 KM
but inside that range it is a potent weapon against both ground 
and air targets. The only things that the gun is ineffective 
against are large structures suchs as bridges and factories. The
1200 rounds of ammunition are fired off in 6 round bursts and 
normally 3 or 4 bursts are sufficient against soft targets.

FFAR Rocket pod:
Fitted in pods of 26 or 47 rockets and with a maximum range 
of approximetly 1.5 km the unguided folding fin aerial Rocket 
is ahighly verstaile waepon. Although only accurate to around 
.5 km, the FFAR is a potent weapon within that range, being 
effective against all vechicles amnd small structures.
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