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Thrillville Off The Rails Cheats

Thrillville - Off The Rails

Easy Thrill Points:
Submitted by: boneK

You can get Thrill Points for doing almost anything, such as running a 
mile, riding a coaster, painting a stall, etc. If you get enough thrill 
points, you will advance to the next managerial level. A good way to earn 
Thrill Points is to pick up shiny signs that can be from shrapnel to an 
anti-Thrillville ad.

* When you're doing Stunt Rider, speed and tricks aren't always the best 
  option. Sometimes it's best to brake and forget tricks, progress is a 
  ton more useful.

* Bandito Chinchilla is pretty advanced. When you have to fight a new 
  enemy, the HP doesn't change alot, but the 1st boss is like 2 minor 
  enemys you 4th encounter. Beware of the froggie enemys though!

* Sumo Saucer is as bad as a tongue twister. Much too hard to explain.
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