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Thief Deadly Shadows Cheats

Thief - Deadly Shadows

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: conner54

Go to the Thief - Deadly ShadowsSystem directory. Copy the DEFAULT.INI file for backup. 
Then Open the DEFAULT.INI with a texteditor like notepad. Find the "[Difficulty]" 
heading, then change the following values of the indicated lines for the corresponding
difficulty setting. Using "0" as a value usually disables that attribute. Start a new 
game to play with the added effects. This cannot be used with an existing saved game. 

AI visual acuity multiplier    - how well AIs can see
AI auditory acuity multiplier  - how well AIs can hear
AI tactile acuity multiplier   - how well AIs can feel
AI hitpoints multiplier        - all AI starting hitpoints will be scaled by this
AI-to-player damage multiplier - all damage applied to the player by the 
                                 AI is scaled by this

change the multiplier for see/hear/feel/hitpoints//damage to whatever u feel like, 
(0)zero usually does it hehe. As u can see the settings are for easy/normal/hard or
expert level. If u want u can change them all, but its not necessary just remember 
which one u changed. 

Submitted by: kimo

Well this isn`t a cheat but you can have an easy life when you have to fight or avoid 
Gamal`s statues (these things are hard to kill).You only have to crouch if you get 
spotted or want to destroy one of these things.Alltough normally you are safe if you go 
up stairs or you are on a surface a bit higher than the one on wich the statue is there 
is a possibillity to get killed.

Getting to the sunken Citadel in the docks:
When you first arrive at the docks, go towards the store. Stop immediately after you
pass the Quarantine gate. There is a box in front of you. Destroy it. Go down the 
ladder and follow the stairs. 

Fond Memories of the Cradle:
Note: "Memory" is in cradle's memory aspect, as inmate with staff roaming the halls. 
"Normal" is when Garrett and puppets roam the halls. -Once you have talked to Laurel 
in the attic you can decide to skip sneaking around with the toys by closing yourself
in the cell and using your arsenal against the staff. -You can avoid racing through 
your arsenal by using the knife to backstab the puppets and staff when they are not 
looking. Staff will keel over and when dead, puppets back off. Quick save and directly
hit them with flashbombs after stabbing them to keep them down. -Instead of grabbing 
and using one toy at a time, grab all the toys. You now can enter or leave the memories
at will at any of the special spots. That way, you can avoid losing the toys by going 
back to "normal", going to the special spot nearest to your destination, and entering 
"memory" there. -You can ease you journey through "memory" by picking and opening all 
the doors and leaving traps such as mines, holy water puddles, or burning oil puddles
while in "normal" before crossing over to "memory". For example, in the lobotomy theater
where you get the dissolution serum, make a holy water puddle between the stairs and 
operating table. When you go into "memory", the staff worker patrolling around the table
will walk into the puddle and keel over, making it easier to get to the serum.

Easy money:
Go to a fence that buys metal and sell all of your loot. Go to your landlord's stash
nearby Heartless Perry. Get the purse of coins (worth 50 g), then go around town and
pickpocket purses from unsuspecting citizens. Whenever you get a purse it will say it
is worth 25 g, but it will actually be worth 50 g. You can only do this once a night.
Collect as many purses as you can. Once you sell those purses to a fence, any other 
purses you collect that night will be worth their regular amount.

Defeating Keeper Guards:
Use a mine or be extra careful when sniping Keeper Guards. If sniping, you must hit 
them in the back of the head. If you are stealthy enough, you can try backstabbing 
them, because the blackjack has no effect on them.

Item Maximums:
Gear and items are bought to be used in Thief 3. Don't go to great lengths to save items
if you think they can help you stay alive and undiscovered, but don't waste them on lone
guards or civilians who cannot fight back. 

On normal, the maximum gear Garrett may carry is: 

Health Potion = 10 
Broadhead arrows = 30 
Noisemakers = 5 
Water Arrows = 25 
Moss Arrows = 20 
Gas Arrows = 5 
Fire Arrows = 15 
Flash Bombs = 20 
Explosive Mine = 5 
Gas Bomb = 5 
Oil Flask = 5

If Garrett proceeds to pick up another item when he is at maximum capacity, the item is
"picked up" but is not added to the inventory. Be sure you have room before you start 
grabbing items or you're just wasting hard earned loot!

Don't Leave Angry:
Since the stages are often divided up into separate maps, you find yourself transitioning
from one part to the other. If you are being chased by a guard, never leave the map and 
come back expecting everything to be normal. The guard chasing you will still be there and
alerted to your presence. Always make an effort to hide in the same map you are to avoid 
forgetting that a guard (or party of guards) are waiting for you on the next map. The map
transitions are a good place to hide (they are almost always completely dark). Simply go 
into the map transition and decline to go into the next section. Garrett will stay in the
murky, smoky portal and almost always out of the way of all patrols. 

Free Water Arrows:
You can get free water arrows in the training mission (which carries over to your subsequent
missions) by waiting by the douse the torch exercise for water crystals to keep respawning. 
Before you leave the Blue Heron Inn forever, you may want to take your fill of 25 water arrows,
which will go a long way in helping you keep shopping costs down.

Broad-head Arrows:
To get free broad-head arrows, go to the tavern in the Stone Market Plaza where there should
be 3 guards, one with a bow, upstairs. Dispose of the guard downstairs. After you do that 
run down and jump behind the bar, the guards upstairs may come after you but they can't get
behind the bar. The one with the bow can shoot at you, so crouch down behind the bar and wait
for him to ready his arrow, then stand up for a sec and crouch back down, he will fire his 
arrow into the bar and you can claim it. Repeat this to get full broad head arrows. 

Damage Modification:
This involves editting a vital game file, so make a back-up before you start. 
Locate the Default.ini in your \Program Files\Thief - Deadly Shadows\System directory and 
open it with a text editor. Locate the following section: 

; -- THIEF 3
; AI visual acuity multiplier - how well AIs can see
; AI auditory acuity multiplier - how well AIs can hear
; AI tactile acuity multiplier - how well AIs can feel
; AI hitpoints multiplier - all AI starting hitpoints will be scaled by this
; AI combat speed multiplier - all AI combat animations are scaled by this
; AI-to-player damage multiplier - all damage applied to the player by the AI is scaled by this

Change the AI damage to player multiplier to 0.0 for almost no damage (note that a base 
damage still applies) to you; you may want to reduce the hit points of the enemies as well.
Just a warning not to reduce the hit point multiplier of the AI to 0.0 or any hit (including 
a blackjack blow) will kill an enemy instantly.

Easy Lock Picking:
For those of you who donít have the knack to pick lock using the mouse feeling technique, you
can use the W, A, S, D, keys on the keyboard (note no key mapping changes) Adjust accordingly
if W-run forward has been changed etc.) You still have to press the keys and figure what comes
after what but it cuts the time to lock pick more than in half.

Unlimited Water Arrows (Mission 1):
At the first mission (training), the tutorial will teach you how to extinguish torches with
Water Arrows. A Water Arrow will be located on the crate, just right of target torch. If you
pick it up, another Water Arrow will appear 2-3 seconds later, providing you an unlimited 
(almost) source of Water Arrows, to a maximum of 25. Unfortunately in the first mission, 
some parts of the area cannot be re-entered once you pass it, so you can only do this one
time, but you keep all the inventory for the next missions.

Easy faction increase with Pagans:
Buy about 15 fire arrows. Get at least one of each of the other elemental arrows (water, moss,
and gas). You can get a gas arrow by climbing the wall by the Pagans that are standing by the 
note from Shaman Dyan. Note: Climbing gloves are sold in the store at the Docks for 2,000 gold.
Go to the Pagan territory in the Docks, but make sure you are already neutral with them so you
will not get attacked because the fire arrows make a lot of noise and produce a massive amount
of light that you cannot escape from. Stand anywhere outside of the entrance to the territory 
so you can get a shot at the elemental cocoon (the two big tusks sticking out of the ground 
with blue orbs strapped to them). Shoot one of each of your elemental arrows at it, as described
in the "Notes" section of your goals. After that you can use the fire arrows and continue 
shooting the cocoon with them and gain faction. Do this until your status with the Pagans is 
"Allied". You can now enter the Pagan territory without getting mauled. If you try to use any
other arrow besides the fire arrows, the Pagan standing by the boxes will comment "You be a 
fool", therefore hinting that you cannot use that arrow again yet.
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