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The Shadow of Zorro Cheats

The Shadow of Zorro

Cheat codes:
Submitted by: rickHH

The objectives are displayed one by one.

Generally, while stealth mode is sufficient in order not to be
spotted, it is preferable to stick close to the walls as much 
as possible, since the camera can be moved in this position, 
something which is often impossible when Zorro is crouching.

Beware: when Zorro's danger gauge is at it's maximum, chances 
are he will be captured without a fight, even when dealing with
a single guard.

Zorro can knock out guards who haven't seen him (even those who 
have seen him, if he's quick) without combat, by coming up behind
them and activating X.

The few Rosa Nepenthes that Zorro finds in the game knock out all
guards in the zone, but to do this, the rose must be thrown into 
the fire (use it in front of the fire).

The soporific bombs are quite useful when dealing with a clutch
of guards. If surrounded, throw a soporific bomb, stand in the 
middle of the gaz cloud and whistle around. Charging guards will
fall before they reach you.
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