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The Simpsons Bart vs. The Space Mutants Cheats

The Simpsons - Bart vs. The Space Mutants

Unlimited farts:
Type cowabunga during the first scene while the Simpsons are watching television. 

99 cherry bombs:
Buy a single cherry bomb and highlight it by pressing Down + Fire. Release the joystick 
to release the bomb. Repeat this process to release another bomb to gain 99 cherry bombs
in inventory. 

Complete level without targets:
In any level, it is not necessary to do all the targets (collecting hats, balloons, exit 
sings. and spraying stuff). In any level, when you reach the end and get stopped because 
you did not finish all the targets, just walk back slightly and run into the end. Just at
the spot you are stopped, change your direction from right to left and let Bart slide to 
other side. This works at all levels, but must be done well. If it does not work the 
first time, do it again until you pass the gap. Try practicing that move in level 1, 
where you can see the end of the level.

Level 1: People to spray:
There is a difficult item to find on the streets. Near the start you can see a phone box.
Enter it and call Moe's Tavern (opposite). He will appear wearing a purple "dress".
When Bart tells him a joke, he takes a psyke and dives at you. Spray him, then jump.
At exactly 4:00, some purple wearing people will leave the theater. Spray them.
There is a man near the statue of Jebidiah Springfield to spray.

Level 1: Extra lives:
Locate the invisible platform in the first level that is right next to the first store, 
about three inches away from the building to the left. It may be difficult to find, but
will result in some letters coming down and two extra lives. Shoot rockets at the "E" in 
the Quick E Mart for some extra lives. Rockets are bought at the Toy Store.

Level 3: Five coins:
Reach the big Krusty head in level 3 (Krustyland). Jump on the red platform in between its
eyes. Then, jump down to grab the extra life. Keep jumping straight up to enter a room that
contains five coins.

Level 3: Winning the wheel game:
Purchase the magnet from Toys N' Stuff store on level 1. When playing the wheel game on
level 3, use the magnet while selecting a number. The magnet will allow that number to be
selected by the wheel.

Bonus screen:
Enter the theater between 2:00 and 4:00.

Extra coins:
Purchase the whistle from the Toys 'n' Stuff store and go to the nursing home. Blow the 
whistle and wait for Grandpa Simpson to begin throwing coins.

Location of the heads:
On level one, buy a cherry bomb. Go to the pet shop, get above the window, and shoot it at 
the bird. Then, when you get to the Statue of Jebediah Springfield, get on the second line 
in back of the statue and shoot the bird with a rocket. This will provide the head of the 
statue, which will make Bart invincible for a short period of time. However, the heads are
found in secret places on various levels. On level 2, reach the shoe level. When the first
ballet shoes appear, keep jumping on that ashtray to collect coins, hats. Keep jumping to 
receive the head of the statue. Also on level 2, find the location where there is wet cement
on the magic board. Between the fourth or fifth wand, jump as high as possible from the 
fourth to fifth wands. The head will appear on the fourth wand. On level 3, there is a big 
ladder that Bart climbs. Hit the kid at the top with the sling shot. Move all the way to the
top of the ladder, and jump off. Land right on the board to receive three coins and the head
from the statue from the prize section just left of the ladder.

Extra money:
Obtain the whistle, then stand next to the last window at the Springfield Retirement Home.
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