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The Secret of Monkey Island 1 Cheats

The Secret of Monkey Island 1

Win game:
Press [Ctrl] + W during game play. 

Alternate ending sequence:
If you get tired of your crew members, aim (push or pull) 
the catapult until you see your ship through the spyglass. 
Then, push the rock and it will sink the ship. Then, when 
you have the root beer and go back to the cave, Herman will 
approach and tells you that he actually has a ship, and is 
willing to loan it if you bring him back to Melee Island. 
When you complete Part 4, instead of seeing Herman searching 
for you, you will find your crew members in the Cannibals' 
guest hut.

Kill Guybrush:
When the sheriff pushes you off the dock, wait for ten minutes 
and Guybrush will be killed.

Soundtrack (Monkey Island Bounty Pack version):
Insert the game disc into an audio CD player. Play tracks two and 
above to hear music from the game.
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