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The Pawn Cheats

The Pawn

Finishing the game:
Submitted by: RM

When you go into the Chamber of the Programmers, the very ones who 
have created THE PAWN. One of them gives you a listing and tells you
to fix it. Then, they all troop off to the pub to celebrate your 
finishing the game. LOOK AT THE LISTING. You discover it is a listing
of something called "Debugbits." It looks like it might let you wander
around the game without dying. Type DEBUG, and you will see the ">" 
prompt change to "]." Congratulations! Now you can go anywhere you want
in the game and no one and nothing can hurt you. Waltz past the dragon.
He won't care. Let go of the rope. Big deal! Go see the Devil if you want.
You are immune. Well, what's the point? You've already finished the 
adventure. So why bother? Well, it might just be fun to see if there is
something you missed or could have done better. Heck, you can go rescue 
the princess if you want. Maybe King Eric will treat you a bit better 
if you do.
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