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The Moon Project Cheats

The Moon Project

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: nightraider
Update by: Josshuae M.

Cheat mode:
Note: This game is also titled "Earth 2150: The Moon Project".
Press [Enter] during game play to display a blinking cursor above 
he map. Type "cheater 1" to enable cheat mode. Then, press [Enter]
during game play and type one of the following codes:

Effect                                  Code 
Disable cheat mode                     - cheater 0
Toggle fast research                   - mybrainisfaster [0 or 1]
Set unit limit to indicated number     - limit_up [number]
Increase money to indicated number     - moneyfornothing [number]
Place mines                            - hotground
Lose Scenario                          - byebye
Lightning and rain                     - shower
Toggle full map                        - beautifulmoon [0 or 1]
Free research                          - sciencefornothing
Everything researched                  - nobelprize
Disable fog of war                     - moonlight
Enable fog of war                      - hide
Display all opponents on screen        - hereyouare!
Destroy selected opponent building     - smash
Destroy your own selected building     - gohome!
Destroy all visible opponents          - judgementday
Damage all visible opponents           - tromaville
Shield, health, and ammo for all units - idkfa
Unknown                                - ultrascience
Free unit with all desired weapons     - newone [weapon code]
Faster researches                      - ultrascience
Upside down screen                     - i_wanna_cheat
Display console status                 -
Display technical game information     - 1
Load indicated .BMP file               - editor.loadbmp [filename]

Submitted by: Michael

Cheat Listed as "shower" actually creates a meteor shower, not rain and
lighting. Cheat listed as "newone" actually produces a new unit of any 
type if you know the proper extentions to add. I will send the table of
unit names and weapon number extentions when I find it.

Excellent Defense (Lunar Corporation):
Research Heavy Electro Cannons, AA Rocket Launchers, and Sonic Cannons 
as high as they will go, along with the Heavy Defense building. Now line
the area you want to defend with Laser Walls and place a single Guardian
defense structure. First, place two Heavy Electro Cannons down. Next, put
two Sonic Cannons on top of these. Next to this, place two Nests each with
an AA Rocket Launcher on top. Also, the LC has the best shields in the game
so be sure to use them. For added defense, put some artillery in the area. 
Also be sure to place an SDI when fighting against the ED!
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