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The Kingdom of Loathing Cheats

The Kingdom of Loathing

Submitted by: RM

Secret codes for strange leaflet:
If you examine the fireplace in the house during the strange leaflet quest, you'll 
notice one of five things on top of it. This item helps you get a rather hefty stat 
gain, but the correct code must be entered after seeing the item. 
The codes are as follows;

Code    Result
plover -bird
plugh  -brick house
yoho   -ship
xyzzy  -white house

The brass bowling trophy has no code attatched to it, but if you take it off the 
fireplace, you will be entitled to the brass bowling trophy trophy from the trophy hut. 
A different item appears there each ascension, so don't worry if you don't get the 
trophy first time. If you have the trophy permanently, it will no longer appear on 
the fireplace.

The Gourd Tower:
Found in The Right Side of the Tracks, The Captain of the Gourd wants 5 firecrackers 
(found in The Outskirts of Cobb's Knob) if you are a Seal Clubber/Turtle Tamer. 
If you are a Pastamancer/Sauceror, he will want 5 Razor-Sharp Can Lids (from the Haunted 
Pantry). And if you are a Disco Bandit/Accordian Thief, he will want Spider Webs 
(from The Sleazy Back Alley). When you bring the 5 items back, you will receive a 
gourd potion (which increases your primary substat by around 35). This quest can be 
repeated, but the number of item you need to bring back increases by one each time 
you complete the quest. After you retrieve the 25th item in this quest, The Captain 
will tell you the gourd tower is safe and will stop giving the quest. 
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