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The HookUp Cheats

The Hook-Up

Walkthrough with Sara:
Submitted by:  Keyarra

1. First things first: Talk to Sara, select the 'Speaking of hanging, I'd love
   to hang out with you, get to know you better.' option, and she says go to 
   the bookstore and chack out her poetry.

2. Then go to the bookstore. You automaticly talk to Dylan, ask for the volume
   of poetry.

3. Be sure not to select anything that might hook you up with Dylan (We're going
   for Sara...not Dylan -_-)

4. You end up in an IC with Claire. If you win, Claire will back off for a while.

5. Go to pretty vacant and talk to the girls there. Turns out Claire was *with* 
   Sara!  (Claire is with everybody now... what a W*H*O*R*E.)

6. Go to the egg. When Matthew gives you four options, choose the one about Sara.

7. You should get a text message from Sara, telling you to come find her.

8. Now go to the Beanery. Talk to Sara, choose all the nice options *please*.

9. After a while, you'll get a text message from Matt. Go see him. (IC.)

10. Go see Dylan (Probly at the bookstore) (IC.)

11. You get a text message from Sara, go to the Beanery.

12. Go find Claire. (IC.)

13. Go to the Beanery, Sara has great news, Claire's parents will sell the Beanery
    to her! She also asks her to be her date for the club party at 10:00PM.

14. By now you'll want to get to the club ASAP. All the character futures are 
    HILARIOUS! (Wont say no more here...) Anyway, now that you're here, YOU WIN!
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