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The Guild 2 Cheats

The Guild 2

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: RM

Cheaper Citizen rank:
When you marry, you will automatically gain the "Citizen" rank, regardless of your 
partner's rank, and you do not have to pay for it. Also, should your partner be of 
lower rank, they will go up to "Citizen" as well. This costs you 500 less gold than
if you apply for the title first, then get married, as this only works for gaining 
the Citizen title.

Change Starting Money, More:
Open "config.ini" in the root directory with Notepad and find the following text at
the bottom:

HasResidence = 1
Workshops = 0
Money = 10000
Married = 0

You can change how much money you start with and whether you are married already or 
not. And if you choose to be married then you can also add: Childs=(# of kids).

Below that you can also edit the starting stats of the rival families.
Note: Always make a backup before overwriting game files.

Easy money:
This trick was done with v1.3. Use the following trick to make some money with products
sold at the marketplace. When you send your cart with said goods, and the marketplace
has none or only one item of the product, send 21 items of the product. With this done,
your cart should hold 20 items in one slot, and 1 extra in the second slot. Send the 
cart to the marketplace. When the cart reaches the marketplace, drag the item to the 
maximum amount you want sold, which is 20 in this case. You must now add one the 1 
extra in the second slot. Left Click on it again and drag it up. The 1 extra is 
considered as if your only selling that one, so it gives you that profitable price,
yet it also counts the other 20 at that profitable price so you end up making more 
money. Also, it may not seem like you make much money, as if several thousands are 
missing from the profit margin. However that is due to the current tax in your town
of choice, and not the trick failing.

Infinite Sermon Glitch:
Submitted by: Dragunov

If you have chosen the scholar class, and not yet found it, the easiest way to make 
money is to give a sermon, earning you approximately 2000 gold coins if you buy all 
upgrades for the first rank of the church. Now, there is a way to get seriously rich.
After your character reaches level 2, when giving a sermon you can move your mouse on
the shadowed "give a sermon" icon, and in boxes there will be actions showed. Select 
"praise someone", move it somewhere on the ground and RIGHT CLICK, your character will
start the sermon again, no matter that the icon is faded out, earning you a lot of money.
You can also praise someone to increase your relationship with them if you have filled 
your purse a lot. I reached 100.000 gold doing this glitch.
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