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The Catacomb Abyss Cheats

The Catacomb Abyss

Cheat Codes:
At anytime while playing press [F10] and the following
keys for different effects.

Effect             Key 	
Level warp         W 	
Freeze monsters    Z 	
Extra items        I 	
God mode           G 	
Level skip         E 	
Overhead view      O 	
Exit game          Q 	
Display tics       T 	
Display v. number  V 	
View memory usage  M 	
Scroll             [Scroll number 1-8]

Strange level:
Enable the "Level warp" code to display the level selector (1-18). 
Enter "20" to access a strange level with tablets from previous 
levels. All the exits lead to level one.	

Defeating Nemesis:
After killing all the demons, cure your self to full health. When
Nemesis appears, hold [Super Zapper] + [Cure]. You should have a 
quick and trouble-free fight that lasts about six seconds.

Defeating Red Demons:
Hit them once with a Super Zapper.

Weak walls:
Level 1          - Windows
Level 2          - Vines
Haunt Of Nemesis - Statues
The Well         - Water vents
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