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The Blackwell Legacy Cheats

The Blackwell Legacy

Cheat Codes:
Submitted  by: David K.

Dialogue bloopers:
Enter "brighteyes" as a code to unlock an option at the options menu to hear voice-acting

Rule #1 with this game if the left click doesn't seem to be getting you anywhere always 
try the right click. Example: to get the last name of Alex go to Kelly's dorm room and 
walk up to the bulletin board. Instead of left clicking on it, (all she will say is '
I'm not lugging that thing around'), right click on it and the pictures will pop up.

Frustrated getting the notebook? 
The first thing you need to do is to go back to Rosa appartment. Click on Joey and ask 
him about himself and then about his ghostly powers. Then you need to go back to Kelly's
appartment, ricgh click on the bulleten bord and click on the phots to get the name 
Davenport. Question kelly to get the girls first names. To get the note book you need 
to have asked joey about his ghostly powers in Rosa's appartment. When in Kelly's room
use the phone to talk to Joey and ask him to use his powers. He knock papers of Kelly's
desk, while she's destracted pick up the notebook.speak to joey about his powers which 
will help get the note book

* After using the phone in Kelly's room, Kelly says something, but the wrong speech file 
* It is possible, after turning "Alexander" into "Alexander Davenport" to get another 
  "Alexander" by examining the doodle again.
* Talking to Alli about "Deacon and Ouija" repeatedly makes Joey walk further and further

Unlock the voice-acting bloopers:
In the options menu, there is a special section with voice-acting bloopers. 
To unlock it, you have to enter the code brighteyes, a word Joey Malone uses
to address Rosa. It is also given after finishing the game.

Easy "Crowd Control" achievement:
Never select Joey while in public. If you need to ask him a question, take the time to
return to Rosa's apartment and ask him there. There will be some situations where you 
will talk to him outside of the apartment, but as long as you did not initiate the 
conversation by selecting him it is acceptable. The only exception is when you select
Joey to talk to him, but you pretend you are not. "Crowd Control" will be earned after
the game and credits are completed.
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