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The Bards Tale 1 Cheats

The Bard's Tale 1

Cheat Codes:
All RPG's are tough at the start: when funds are low and the party
hasn't developed many special skills. The weapons you set out with
aren't ideal and padded armour isn't much use against sharp-clawed
foes. In the Bard's Tale games you can circumvent the usually slow
money-gathering process with a spot of crafty cash exchanging. 
Create two parties in the camp at the start of the game and send the
first one off to kill some monsters. When you've collected a sizeable
loot say 2000 gold pieces - return to the camp. Give all the gold to 
one character and save the game. Take the guy with gold from the first
party and put him in the second. Make him give all his money to one 
of the other party members and remove him from the second party. You
can now add him again and he still has all his money - repeat as many
times as you want until you think you've got enough money to last you
through the game.
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