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Task Master Cheats

Task Master

Use the following tips and hints to improve your game-play for 
this game. 
Think ahead:
Take a few moments to scroll around the level and plan a safe 
path for your employees. Take into account the skills you will
need and make sure you have enough. 

Send out a few first:
Send out just a few employees at first to build the ramps, dig 
the holes etc. necessary for the rest of the group to follow. 
Also, these few will uncover any traps you might not have noticed.
Use a blocker to prevent the masses from following and potentially
walking to the death. 

Use fast forward:
Use the fast forward button to your advantage. It can be used to 
accelerate your employees to get them past a trap more quickly or
to make sure they all load into an elevator.  It can also be used
to get your last employee home before the last few seconds 
tick off the time clock. 

Be careful applying skills:
You only have a limited amount of them. Don't waste them. Try to 
make sure you start the ramp building or the digging in the right
place so you don't have to use another skill to make a correction.
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