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Tales Of Pirates Cheats

Tales Of Pirates

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: RM

Easy money:
A short distance northeast of Rockery Haven are smugglers which drop fake 
documentations. Each documentation is worth 91G, and they drop it almost 
every time. 99 of these are worth 9k. This requires about five minutes with
a second class character (above level 40). It is a very easy and fast way 
to get money.
Note: Voyager is recommended for best results.

Easy money trick:
Use the following trick if you are at least level 14 and need some money but
cannot fight strong monsters. Go to Argent. Go to the mines directly west of
the battlegrounds entrance (you may have to go up a bit). There will be level
12 bear cubs that drop paws and fur that are worth 20 to 30 gold each.

Submitted by: joey

The kordinates are around 1600 2970 (Alt+R).

Get the sealed bluprint:
Submitted by: ichigo

Go to the zephyr isle and fight the green wolf and get the sealed bluprint it
price was 750.000

Easy Money 2:
Submitted by: Najmi

If u lvl 12-15 need money.Go to icicle city and go to the monster place.And u find 
Elk And Horned Penguin.If u go there u will see a sharpshooter AFK and spamming a 
skill and u see many Etc such as:Gigantic Antler worth 11 gold-Antler Worth 21 gold 
And Else 50 gold.Or u hunt ur self.This is for newbie place.

Easy Money for lvl 30-40:
Submitted by: Tales Of Pirate

When u level 30-40 go to Rock Haven And got Smuggler mob they ussualy drop fake documents 
and it 91 gold if u got 99 of the fake documents can sell them for 9k if u have 10 stacks 
of documents u can got 99k.U can hunt your self or u pay people to help u hunt i got 
2m because of that.
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