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Swords and Sandals 1 Cheats

Swords and Sandals 1

Submitted by: lewis

Enter the game then go to the arena start the battle left click go down to
the botton that says foward it will say your now on lvl 1then do it again 
and again it will always say your lvl 1 with loads of stats.

it a very good cheat i made it my self.

Easy battles:
Submitted by: Evan

When you first fight a enemy, press the left mouse key and scroll down to "forward". 
You should go directly into battle. Do this every time that you fight a enemy, and 
each time, it will be that same person who you fought the first time. Worked for me 
first time, not sure how it would work again.

How to get super strenghth:
Submitted by: shawn

ok you know how to get 250000 agelty this is how you get 2500000 strenghth ok you know 
when you do this cheat it says err this takes a wihle but its worth it ok do 2 commas 
then take away all agelty then put it all on your strenght then change the name so it 
works you guy gets relly big so put your finger on both the name and the green mark to 
contenu you get relly big and kill in one hit so have fun and good luck

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