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Sword of Vermilion Cheats

Sword of Vermilion

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Test Menu:
During any time during the game, simultaneously press and 
hold the A, B and C buttons and press Start on controller 2.

A test menu should appear with Input, Sound and C.R.T tests. 
And when you exit, it will send you back to the Sega logo screen.

Super Strength/ Virtual Invincibility:
For this cheat, you need a cursed weapon/suit of armor. Also, 
having Rafael's Stick helps save some cash, but you don't absolutely
need it. Also, if you want the effects to be permanent, your level 
has to be maxed at 31. 

Equip the cursed weapon/armor. Now, either use Rafael's Stick or talk
to a priest to remove the curse. Your strength or armor class (depending
on what you equipped that was cursed) will go down. Keep re-equipping 
and removing the cursed item until your Strength/Armor Class goes to a 
ridiculous #, like 9999 or something like that. Now, re-equip your most
powerful weapon/armor, and you'll either kill enemies in one hit 
guaranteed (Super Strength), or take only 1 damage from any attack from
any enemy, including bosses (Invincibility)

Quick Cash:
In Keltwick, when Bearwulf gives you the dungeon key to get to Malaga, 
sell it. It's worth 1000 kims and Bearwulf has an unlimited amount of 
them. Just go back, talk to him and he'll say ''Did you lose the key? 
I have another one. 
He'll give it to you, and you can repeat the process as much as you want.
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