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Swat 3 Elite Edition Cheats

Swat 3 - Elite Edition

Cheat Codes:
Update by: Ignace Laplaese
Submitted by: Hüseyin Aslan

Cheat mode:
Press [Shift] + @ or ~ during game play to display the console. Then, 
type one of the following codes.

Cheat             Result
SWATLORD        - Invulnerable team.
BIGGERPOCKETS   - For an unlimited period ammunition.
DOUBLESHOT      - Faster firing.
NC17            - Stronger bleeding.
NOSHADES        - Night missions are bright.
JOHNWOO         - Slower play process.
IAMLEET         - Mission win.
WHOSYOURBOSS    - Units do not obey any longer.
HOTSTUFF        - Suspects are more difficult to kill.
RABIES          - Killer rats.
JUSTIN          - Suspects never give up.
CASUAL          - Summer clothes.
QUIT            - Play immediately terminate.
S3TEAM          - Extra team.
PAINT BALL      - Get paint ball rounds.
S3ROCKET        - Get rocket launcher.
S3BEAVER        - Turns rats into beavers.

Submitted by : rickHH

* Don't be stingy on the tear gas and flashbang grenades. You've got ten
  of each; use one of them whenever you enter a room. 

* Always make sure you've got someone to cover your back. You never
  know when a bad guy will turn the corner while you're busy reloading.

* Don't forget to report in on all terrorists and hostages. It's not
  enough to handcuff hostages; you've also got to call for trailers 
  to collect them. Ditto with terrorists. 

* Unless stealth is necessary, always load up on the firepower. You 
  never know just how useful it is to shoot through a wall.


When you are in the Chinnese Theater go to projector room. When you come
to through the door go to last projector and use [F7].
Then open that boxes and the secret door's will open.
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