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Super Laser Racer Cheats

Super Laser Racer

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Steam Achievements:
Achievement     Description	
Ace Pilot     - Complete a lap without taking any damage
Bomb Disposal - Destroy a Bomb before it explodes
Bomber        - Destroy an opponent with a Bomb
Completist    - Earn all the Special medals on all levels
Defender      - Use Shield to protect yourself from a Missile
Eliminator    - Win an Eliminator quick race
Heat Seeker   - Destroy an opponent with a Missile
Hunter        - Destroy multiple enemies in a race
Kamikaze      - Destroy an enemy in your death blast
Major Laser   - Destroy an opponent with a Laser
Mastery       - Special medal for Super tournament (Hard)
Pacifist      - Win a race without using a weapon
Plasmaster    - Destroy an opponent with a Plasma
Sharp Shooter - Destroy an opponent with the Cannon
Space Farer   - Unlock all ships
Specialist    - Earn a Special medal
Speed King    - Win a race
Survivor      - Win a Survivor quick race
Trophy Hunter - Unlock all tournaments (Hard)
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