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Subway Surfers Cheats

Subway Surfers

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Any character unlocked:
Go onto the characters click select on the first boy, then you go onto the 
girl and hold down select. If you want any other character keep holding of 
the button select and slide across to the next character or the character 
you want and take your finger of and click select on the character you want

Unlocking Fresh faster:
Press on the kid with the hood. While selected go over to fresh or any of 
the other character and press the box where the fraction of the amount you
have for that character is. To play as say spike after fresh you'll have 
to do it while  selected hood kid is taken as well.

Two character tokens:
Just use your coins to buy mystery boxes, they contain character tokens and
coins. Or if you run in between 2 trains than you will flip back and hit 
the screen and so will the cop and his dog. 

Double Coins:
This cheat is quite hard to implement, but, as well as picking up the Coin
doubler multiplier, you can earn twice as many Coins if you have the Super
Sneakers and Jetpack active at the same time. You should upgrade the Super
Sneakers to make this easier to occur. It won't make a tremendous difference
to your score, but it's nice all the same.
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