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Sub Space The Captians Chair Cheats

Sub Space - The Captians Chair

Submitted by: Demonic healer

This cheat gives you a boost at the begining of the game 
or if you want to start again.
First press start new game on the main menu, you start 
on a station agree to the station laws then access the 
ship dealer buy a merchent or explorer hull. then equip 
your ship. You will see that you dont have much money 
left from your origonal funds of 50000.
Now when equiped click the escape key to return to the 
main menu, then press start new game.Access the ship 
dealer on the station , there you will see you have 50000
plus all the equipment you bought in the last game.

This works best if you start the game get good equipment 
then click esc, start a new game and you have your 2 lewgal 
anti matter sheild for free and all the other equipment, 
works a charm. Trust me.
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