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Submarine Titans Cheats

Submarine Titans

Cheat Codes:
During gameplay, press Enter and type the following Cheats:

Code         Result 
FOW         - Reveal Map
TECH        - All Techs
ENERGY      - Full Energy
AIR         - Full Air
SILICON     - Full Silicon
METAL       - +1000 Metal
GOLD        - +1000 Gold
CORIUM      - +5000 Corium
EXITON      - +1000 Gold, +5000 Corium, +10000 Metal
TECHNOLOGI  - All technology

* If playing as the White Sharks, make an attack as quickly as 
  possible on your enemy. An early attack with your superior 
  forces can be key; you don't want them to have time to match
  you with their tech. 

* If playing as the Silicons, try to harass enemy attack forces as
  they come toward you, weakening them enough that your defenses 
  can take them out. Make teleport research a priority and be 
  prepared to port a large force inside an enemy base. Especially
  do this if you have multiple enemies who are fighting each other. 

* The White Shark campaign has a few game-stopping bugs and problems.
  A new patch will fix the game for you.

Enemy Technologies:
When you're a human, you could build a Raider or Maruder to capture 
another human civilization's Research Laboratory or Tec centre to 
get enemy technologies. Warning: You can not capture a Black Octipi's
or White Shark's technologies when you're a Silicon and the other way

Note: Once you have captured a Research Lab or Tec centre, you could 
access the technologies at your own Research Lab or Tec centre. 
Waning: You only get a limited amount of time.
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