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Submachine Zero Cheats

Submachine Zero

Submitted by: RM

-Collect the two tongues and the lighter from outside 
-Put the tongues in the statues and turn the door knob 
-Walk down the ladder lighting up the place as you go 
-Go to a room to the left and down, and move the concrete 
 handle down 
-Walk up to the room with the block on a stick 
-Move the block around and it will give you a shape 
-Whatever shape is facing forward indicates what room is open 
-So move to a shape then go find the room 
 (there are not many rooms) 
-In each room is a gem you have to get 
-The last room has a block you have to collect 
-Go back up to the room on the right 
-Put the block at the base of the door to block the spears 
-Walk into the room with the big statue thing 
-Place the gems into the statue as indicated 
-The statue will lift up and you have found the green gem 
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