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Stupid Test 3 Cheats

Stupid Test 3

1  - Wrong
2  -  celery
3  - beans
4  - [in order] more, core, cord, cold
5  - hannah
6  - The green button changes position after the second click - 
     be careful when you click.
7  - 5
8  - more scrambled eggs
9  - butter
10 - neither ( the real answer is 54 and not 56. Choices have 
     spelling error in them to throw you off)
11 - All of them
12 - Yes
13 - A coin collector
14 - He never boarded the Ark ( Moses didn't, Noah did)
15 - Earth cant be removed from a hole
16 - milk
17 - macromedia (has an 'r' too many but its the only answer that works.
18 - 4
19 - [in order] call, ball
20 - Memory Test - This one is tricky - You have to remember the steps. 
     The buttons change positions so you might need to write down the steps 
     because they remove the instructions after you click. Careful when clicking 
     because the buttons switch positions. Also after you click the yellow button 
     twice it may appear there is no yellow button in the second row. Its right 
     between the two green ones 
     (look really carefully - use your glasses if you have to)
21 - Numismatist
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