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Strip Poker Live Cheats

Strip Poker Live

First playing the game it was very difficult to get some clothes out
of the Girlz .. But after a while I noticed they are VERY,VERY,VERY 
prudent.. After I noticed it everything went superb .. and I've got 
the clothes out in 10 min. time .. So do thiz (I've only tested it 
by the Girlz , cause I'm NO Fagget,Gay)

First time Raise 5 Fiches .. If she Raises more , go on .. The Second
time Raise your bet to 25 fiches and she will pass (Do THIS only if 
she doesn't Raise,if she Raises upto 10,15 or 20 fiches she has always
higher cardz than you, so beware,just pass yourself in that way)
That's the Tip .. I'm sorry there is no Cheater but don't worry, 
it will come soon.. I have thiz game only for 3 hours now.
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