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Strike Commander Cheats

Strike Commander

Options mode:
Press [Ctrl] + O during game play. A list of options including 
unlimited ammunition, no midair collisions, and no G-force/sun 
glare will be displayed

Save the game, goto dos and type:
Submitted by: Dj Simo

E 026F x       AIM-9J Missiles
E 0272 x       AIM-9M Missiles
E 0273 x       Mavericks
E 0275 x       Anti-Runway Bombs
E 0277 x       MK20 Cluster Bombs
E 0279 x       500lb Bombs
E 027B x       Pavewayt
E 027D x       Rockets Pods
E 027F x       Amraams
E 0299 x       Plane Hits
E 029B x       Tank Hits
E 0305 x       Planes Lost
E 0289 FF FF   Money $65535

Saved Game Hex editing positions:
0008 - Current mission
0009 - Next mission
016F - # of AIM-9J missles
0171 - # of AIM-9M missles
0173 - # of AGM-65D missles
0175 - # of Durandal Munitions
0177 - # of MK-20 Rockeye Cluster Munitions
0179 - # of MK-82 Bombs
017B - # of GBU-15 LGB's
017D - # of LAU-3 Rocket Pods
017F - # of AIM-120 AMRAAM missles
0189 - 018A  -  Bank balance
018D - 018E  -  Amount of money lost
024D - 024E  -  Current Score
0199 - # of Air Kills
019B - # of gorund kills
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