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Stranded 2 Cheats

Stranded 2

Invincibility and carry item weight unlimited:
Submitted by: metafore

Go to C:\Stranded II\mods\Stranded II\sys or which ever drive 
that you install it. Then go to setup information file called 
"units". Open it.
Then do this. On the value of each strings which default is 25000, 
change it to:


Thats it...thanks.

Item spawner:
Submitted by: renz436

First, click the button ~ just under esc. Then type "dm" then you will 
see cheats which be tons of use to anybody.

Easy combinations:
Submitted by: Pradeep

to know what combinations must be made to unlock items
open the drive where you installed stranded 2 go to mods>stranded 2>sys
there u ll find many files like combination_action open which u want to know
and enjoy the game.

Unlimited resources from trees, plants, and rocks:
Normally, attacking a tree, rock, or a plant will cause them to expire after
they receive enough damage. However, if you equip a net and attack them, you
will not cause any damage at all, and it will never expire. This enables you
to get unlimited resources from a single tree, plant, or rock. This can also
be done with a vine.
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