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Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds The Clone Campaigns Cheats

Star Wars - Galactic Battlegrounds - The Clone Campaigns

Cheat Codes:
Update by: Goshik
Submitted by: nightraider

Cheat mode:
Press [Enter] during game play to display the chat window. Enter one of the 
following codes.

If in the game you don't have any workers and recourses just turn with a 
Jedi or enter chat box and type "38" your friends will give you for about 
500 recourses and you will can make a worker.

How to do any chat commands:
In the game press Enter to hit the chat box in the chat box type 
"1" to "62" numbers and he will chating.

Code                     Result
forcefood              - 1000 food
forceore               - 1000 ore
forcecarbon            - 1000 carbon
forcenova              - 1000 crystals of nova
forceexplore           - Explore full map
forcesight             - Fog of war disabled (type again to enable)
forcebuild             - Fast buit for you and all players
that's no moon         - Death Star
tantive iv             - Blockade runner
imperial entanglements - Imperial Star Destroyer
scaryneighbor          - Bongo marouder (fast boat)
simonsays              - Simon the killer Ewok
tarkin                 - destroy all players (don't use this cheat when hero 
                         or building must survive)
darkside [1-8]         - destroy
player with that #
skywalker              - Win mission or scenario
givemechs              - 20 Heavy Assault Mechs
giveworkers            - 20 Workers

.... And may the Force be with you!

Easy money:
Type 38 into the chat prompt and press [Enter]. If you have CPU allies (not 
neutral), usually you will get 500 of everything except ore if your allies 
are not above Tech Level 3. 

Get any unit in Scenario Builder: 
Under the Scenario Builder's "Hero/Unit/Building/Other" list, there are lists 
of units and players. Select player two, choose a unit or building, then re-select 
player one. That player two unit now has the player one color and is under control 
of player one. For example, select Galactic Empire (player one), select Gungans 
(player two), select Gungan Unit, re-select Galactic Empire, then you can use 
the Gungan Unit for the Galactic Empire. 

Easy win:
In the first level of Basic Training enable the forceexplore code, then have a 
Tantive IV or an Imperial Star Destroyer (enable the tantive iv or imperial 
entanglements code) fly to the left part of the map. You will find a Sith Master.
Kill him to get an instant victory. Note: Do this immediately or he may not be 
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