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Star Wars Monopoly Cheats

Star Wars - Monopoly

The Game's AI is quite predictable. 
" will exchanege anything (and that includes everything) for a 
monopoly..." You can choose to play the hardest level for all computer
controlled players. They all have the same folly. I found that computer
controlled will accecpt trade to complete a monopoly of colors. Keep 
trading and don't be afraid if you have to mortgage your properties 
(this is part of the strategy). I always mortgage the property i wish 
to trade. This set back the recipient a few bucks. Allow computer 
controlled to have a monopoly by trading for all the cards he have 
(that is not included in his monopoly suit) and all his gold (just 
leave him like $10). Computer controlled player even in the difficult
level will fall for that.

Lure the sucker into your properties. If he/she can't pay the rent, he/
she will be out of the game and all his/her card will be yours. I have 
tried this strategy for like 15 times and i won 15 times.
It ain't a cheat but it sure is a sure fire strategy.
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