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Star Wars Empire At War Forces Of Corruption Cheats

Star Wars - Empire At War - Forces Of Corruption

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: conner54

Winning space battles:
In space battles as the Empire, put an Interdictor cruiser in the little box 
when organizing a fleet. By doing this you can send in your forces to a battle
and stop enemy ships from escaping to hyperspace using only the Interdictor. 
When your opponent attacks the lone Interdictor, hyperspace in your 
reinforcements directly on top of them. Imperial Star Destroyers work best 
for this and provide a big surprise to an enemy player.

Zann Consortium:
Always try to corrupt, enslave, build a black market, bribe, etc. any possible
planets. This gives you sight on the planets base and units, in addition to 
many credits. This will also make the game much easier.

Easy Zann Consortium Galactic Conquest: 
First make a fleet of StarViper squadrons, and a ground force of purely assault 
squads. Capturing Kamino makes this cheaper. Then, create a black market on both 
Rebel and Empire planets. After creating a black market buy the Buzz Droid upgrade 
and the Disrupter Rifle upgrade to make your forces all powerful. Then, fight your 
way to Dathomir no matter what the cost. Capture any planets in your way and build 
palaces on all of them. By doing this you will get more credits and a higher 
population limit. Once at Dathomir make a Defiler and spread corruption on the 
planet. This will let you gain something extra on the battlefield. Destroy the 
space station and any spaceships after you corrupt the planet, then send your 
"hired muscle" to destroy all resistance. Once you have Dathomir, start making
Nightsisters and a space station to protect the planet. After making about ten 
to twenty Nightsisters (depending on how much population and money you have), 
send your space fleet whatever planet is closest to Dantooine, unless you 
already control them. With Dantooine you can make Vonskors to hunt Jedi and Sith.
You should have capital ships and such by now. Make a few capital ships and 
destroy the Rebels if you created the Aggressor class, and the Empire if you 
created the Mandalorian Capital Gunship. With your capital fleet, most planets
will fall to you with no casualties on your side if you just auto-resolving 
each battle. Destroy each space force and then destroy the ground forces with
your Nightsisters and assault squads. Once you have destroyed all but the 
last planet's resistance, make Vonskors to hunt down the Force users, because
they will most likely all on one planet for a last stand.

Win easily with the Empire:
Get the Death Star and a Scout Squadron. Use the Scout Squadron and use it 
on the opposing enemy's space station. First, bring it on the map. Then use
the Star Destroyer's special weapon on it. Sometimes the enemy in Galactic 
Conquest mode will go to hyperspace.

Submitted by: the winner

-=Tip to win galactic conquest as the empire=-
* go to galactic conquest
* pick equal footing
* then pick easy
* then empire
* click advanced then move the slide thing that controls tech level and move 
  them to 5 and start.
* then make sure every planet has a mining facility
* then click on coruscant when you 15000 credits
* then build the death star
* then when the star is 90% done click the darth vader symbol when you 11250 
  credit on.
* coruscant it is the executor.
* then move the acclamator and victory cruiser in cooruscant fleet in to the 
  death star fleet.
* then build 2 acclamators and a interdictor.
* then move admiral piett or thrawn into it and start conquering.

destroy capital ships or frigates that pose a threat to you executor and use booba
fett if possible to detect IG-88 he can destroy your super fleet and he can protect
against fighters. also build lvl. 2 space stations minimum on all destroyed planets
unless they are the captial ship producers then lvl.4-5. Good Luck.

Taking out all three sides at once:
On a few selective planets such as one in the upper right planet on the galactic 
map the one that doesn't allow T2B tanks or any repulsor vehicles. There is a slight
chance that the enemy if the consortium or empire controls the planet that if either
the empire or consortium attacks the planet that the rebels and Pirates will both be
on the planet. . The pirates will be on the part that usually has a turbolaser tower
or abandon factory that a pirate force will be there, plus you will have the rebel 
civilians, and either the attacking empire or Consortium will also be on the planet, 
There is but one more planet that this can occur on but idk the name, its similar in 
that theres rebel civilans and they are all near the starting Command Post.
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