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Star Trek Voyager Elite Force 2 Cheats

Star Trek Voyager - Elite Force 2

Update by: Stephen Cowan

During gameplay press ~ to get the console.  
Now put in any of the following codes 

Code           Result 
god          - God Mode also Unlimited Ammo
noclip       - Noclipping Mode
notarget     - Invisible Mode
modellist    - Spawn List
health 100   - Give health to 100
give weapon  - Where weapon is enter name
kill         - Kill your self ;p
maplist      - List Maps
quit         - Quit game
shaderlist   - Show shaders
kick         - Kicks User?
inventory    - Show Inventroy
taunt        - Taunt something?
meminfo      - Shows memory Info
reset        - Resets game
freeze       - Freeze Game
systeminfo   - Systum info
record       - Records Game
stoprecord   - Stops Record
demo         - Demo game
skinlist     - Shows Skin list
playsong     - Play Game Music
fps 1        - Show FPS (0=Off)
devmap x     - where x is type name of map to change to level

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