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Star Trek Judgement Rites Cheats

Star Trek - Judgement Rites

Tips for fighting the Elasi pirates:
Depending on the difficulty level you set in the beginning, you will have 
to fight one or two Elasi pirates. In any case, the dangerous one is the 
one firing the three photon torpedoes. Concentrate fire on this particula
craft, if you are fighting both Elasi.The best tactic is to fire phasers 
continuously, and fire photons only at close range or with enough lead, a
tone target until that target flees. Adjust the difficulty level if all 
else fails.

Tips for getting into the security room:
You need to transport into the security room. You will also need the 
dummies from the crew quarters to protect yourself from the security 
forces. Use the dummies on the transporter grid, then use Spock on the
transporter controls.

Tips for maximum scoring:
To score the maximum number of points possible, you must: Succeed in the 
mission without failing once, do not insult the Elasi, stun the guards, 
do not kill any guards, destroy communications in central command, treat
the technicians allergies, talk to munroe, sabotage all shuttle controls,
convert security to your side and deliever promised evidence, destroy 
communications tracking, defeat Breddell without killing him, do not 
trigger the false code, talk Sheme into cooperating, win the chess game,
and not wake the sleeping crewman or wake him and put him back to sleep.
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