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Star Trek Hidden Evil Cheats

Star Trek - Hidden Evil

Cheat  Codes: 
Type the following codes during gameplay:

Code      Result
KIRK    - unlimited health
SPOCK   - skip level
BONES   - add Hypospray to inventory
SCOTTY  - all keys and passcards

* Use the Tricorder often, especially when you feel stuck. Many screen
  hot-points that can solve a puzzle are inactive until you wave the 
  Tricorder around them. 

* When you pass through an old area after completing a mission or solving
  a puzzle, pay special attention to previously sealed areas that may now
  have become passable. 

* Whenever you hear a strange noise coming from a new area, save the game
  immediately. As you get deeper into the game, this noise usually means 
  that quick and sudden death awaits you, should you be too slow or make 
  a mistake in the next area.
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