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Starship Troopers Cheats

Starship Troopers

Submitted by: Nighthawk

* Make a fully utilize of the MST (stealth and sniper), kill all brainbug
  first before you make an attack. Whatever you do, make sure the brainbug
  is dead, else the worrior bugs will track you where ever you go! 

* Do Not jump if the hoppers is above you! Always do the formation if you
  encounter the hoppers.

* How to use the novabomb - click at the novabomb and click on the ground
  (where you want to place it).

* Sometimes you cannot ambush the bughole if the is many worriorbugs petroling
  around. Use the sniper and shoot at the bughole (some of the bughole can be 

Extra experience:
Use a text editor to edit the "st_db_attr" file in the "stta\units" folder.
Change this portion of line 26 from "1 0 0 15 0 0 1" to "1 0 0 200 0 0 1". 

Extra equipment:
Use a text editor to edit the "interface.txt" files in the "mission" folder.
Change the various equipment values from 3 to 12 or 18. The values in all 
the files must be changed for each mission. 

Extra storage depot ammunition:
Use a text editor to edit the "st_db_attr" file in the "stta\units" folder. 
Change the "10000" in position 6 of line 29 to "100000". 

Unlock weapons and tech soldiers:
Use a text editor to edit the "interface.txt" file in the "mission" folder. 
Locate the "Excluded" heading in the file and remove all the lines in that 
area. This will unlock all the weapons and all the tech soldiers (MIST, 
psychic) in that particular mission. 1

Gain More Experience:
To have your troopers gain more experience after each battle, go to the 
"stta\units" directory and open the st_db_attr file in notepad. 
Go to line 26. It should start out as: 

26      1 0 0 15 0 0 1... 
Change this line to 
26      1 0 0 200 0 0 1... 

You can try other values besides 200 to tweak the experience growth of your 

Early Weapon Availability:
Just go to Starship Troopers directory and then the mission directory. Go to
the mission directory and look for the interface.txt files, open the file and
you should see a whole bunch of items in the "Excluded" area, just delete all
these lines. Do this for each interface.txt file and you'll get all the weapons
and all the tech soldiers (MIST, psychic) before they would have been given in 
the actual game.

After making it to the last level you can't get through cause the Royal Warrior
Bugs don't let you? Here’s a cheat that will get the job done. Enter the 
Missions folder that you can find in the main directory. Look for another folder
named " c3m7 ". Open it and you will see a score of text file in a sequential 
order from " bh_1_1" to " bh_b6_3 ". These are instructions for the bug holes 
and they decide which bug will come out of a specific bug hole. All of these 
files contain instructions for the Royal Warrior Bug apparent by the line 
"bug_type = royalwarrior 100 ". Edit the line to " bug_type = warrior 100 "
and you won't face these scary bugs anymore. Once this is taken care of, you
can handle anything since most of your troops are in 1st Class Marauder suits
armed with double chaincannons. Make sure all the lines in the files (bh_1_1"
to " bh_b6_3 ) are edited. I recommend that you copy the folder " c3m7 " 
somewhere else before tampering with it.

Submitted by: rickHH

* Ammunition is a scarce commodity. However, using the right bullet for the 
  job helps. Use the small arms for the in your face bug work. Save the 
  missiles, grenades, and nukes for the bug holes and Tankers. 

* Heavy nerve gas is a gutsy way to ruin a bug hole's day. Make sure that you
  have a squad covering the poor soul hoping to drop the gas down the hole. 

* Ambush Arachnids whenever possible. Use three squads to form a U. Run a 
  couple of Mobile Infantry under the bug's nose and lead it back to your 
  trap. Rinse and repeat for the large bug swarms.

Submitted by:

Find the Starship Troopers shortcut in the Start Menu or your desktop (if you 
made one during installation). Click on it once to gray it, then open the context
menu through your keyboard or the secondary mouse key (right for right-handed, 
left for left-handed). Open the shortcut's properties and locate the "Target" 
box. Don't change the command in the quotation marks and just add


outside of the quotation marks. OK the change and run the game using that 
changed shortcut. While playing, you have the option now to press the tilde 
key (this key is next to the number 1 on the numeric row) to lower the 
developer's console. Type in these codes for cheats you can do:

help      - (lists all codes for your version of SST)
god       - (invulnerability on and off)
ammo      - (maximum ammo for all weapons, even non-equipped ones)
gun       - (weapon is show or hidden)
hud       - (HUD is shown or hidden)
speed <#> - (speed goes to this number, the default number is 1)
evileye   - (your targeting reticle kills enemies instantly)
banzai    - (combines god, evileye, and gives speed of 3)

Unlock All Extras
Find the profile you want to be changed in the directory "\My Documents\Empire 
Interactive\SST\Profiles\". This is for an XP installation. For Windows 2000 
or NT users, this may be different. It's not known if SST runs on Windows 98ME 
or not. In any case, you can find that profile file (and the directory 
incidentally) by searching for your profile using Window's internal search 
function. The file name of your profile is exactly as you named it. Once you 
find your profile you want to have all the extras, open it using Notepad.

Find the line "UnlockedItemIDs" in the profile file and replace the quoted 
numbers in between the brackets with the following:

[ "1" , "2" , "3" , "4" , "5" , "6" , "7" , "8" , "9" , "10" , "11" , "12" , "1
3" , "14" , "15" , "16" , "17" , "18" , "19" , "20" , "21" , "22" , "23" , "24"
, "25" , "26" , "27" , "28" , "29" , "30" , "31" , "32" , "33" , "34" , "35" ,
"36" , "37" , "38" , "39" , "40" , "41" , "42" , "43" , "44" , "45" , "46" , "
47" , "48" , "49" , "50" , "51" , "52" , "53" , "54" , "55" , "56" , "57" , "58
" , "59" , "60" , "61" , "62" , "63" , "64" , "65" , "66" , "67" , "68" , "69" 
, "70" , "71" , "72" , "73" , "74" , "75" , "76" , "77" , "78" , "79" , "80" , 
"81" , "82" , "83" , "84" , "85" , "86" , "87" , "88" , "89" , "90" , "91" , "9
2" , "93" , "94" , "95" , "96" , "97" , "98" , "99" ]

Save the profile file (there is no file extension, if you have that option 
on). Now when you play SST, your new profile will have all the extra files 
unlocked of all the weapons, ships, and enemies. Also are five bonus movies 
with Casper Van Dien (Johnny Rico) for his bit part in the game.

Royal Guard and X-Bug Tip
If you're like me and you played this game cheating quickly through, you will 
notice that you can't just hammer away at the royal guard bug and win. The 
same goes with the X-bug. Both boss bugs are invincible except for their red 
eyes. For the Royal Guard bug, shoot out both eyes, expose the vulnerable 
nerve stem in the head and shoot it.

The X-Bug is the same thing, but instead of just shooting the nerve stem after 
both eyes are gone, you also need to shoot the spot on the underside to hurt 
it. It's only exposed briefly, so you may need to burst fire the nerve stem 
and hose down the weak spot with the rest of the magazine. Don't know if the 
MK4's bullets work -- if they do, it's probably very weak.
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