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Starpoint Gemini Cheats

Starpoint Gemini

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K

This cheat employ "commodities.stb" file found: "/Starpoint Gemini/Data/Base",
please make back up ur file before proceed to the next section.

1.Play normaly, dock to station & buy some cheap commodities (iron for example)
2.Undock, save and then quit game.
3.From your explorer go to "../Starpoint Gemini/Data/Base", 
  you will find file "commodities.tsb"
4.Edit the "BuyValue" into your desired price, save the file and close your 
5.Start the game, load your previouw save file. Dock to station and sell the 
  commodities you bought earlier. You will find the price will be at your 
  desired price and u can collect huge stash of money in one transaction.

Free Destroyer Class ship:
At any time hit the "F11" key and you'll get a Cassiopeia Destroyer. Dock at a 
space station and trade your ship for a cheap gunship or corvette click "trade"
as many time as your can. Now you should have some Nyocore III power cores in 
your inventory sell all of the and rinse and repeat.
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