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Star Fleet II Krellan Commander Cheats

Star Fleet II - Krellan Commander

Capturing enemy ships greatly increases your mission ratings/booty with 
the delivery of prisoners and their ship. There are 2 ways to capture 
enemy ships, the hard way and the easy way. 

The Hard Way:
The hard way is blast the enemy until their shields go down. For lighter 
vessels, use 1-2 torpedoes at destroy mode, then finish them off with a 
phasor at disable mode. Remember that firing torpedoes and phasors may be 
only conducted in real-time mode.
When the their shields fail, pause the game and send in your boarding party 
of at least 4-5 teams (all is of course, better).

The Easy Way:
This may only work on lighter vessels such as freighters and starliners. 
First hail them (send message) and demand their surrender. Usually, they 
will immediately surrender, prompting them to lower their shields. You 
can board them now with a minimal away team (3-4 teams should do it). 
There will be no combat issued for a surrendering vessel.
If they refuse to surrender, fire one or two torpedoes at them and hail 
them again. This time, they will almost always surrender.

Delivering Ships:
One a capture is sent, you be prompted to leave a team of guards behind. 
If you still have a lot of shock troops behind and want the ship, do so 
or else it will be re-captured by the Alliance.
You do not have to tow the ship yourself to the nearest Krellan Starfort. 
You only need to send in a crew (via Engineering - Transportation - 
Personel Transport) to the captured ship. The captured ship with the new 
crew will fly itself to the nearest Starfort. You need approximately 10 
Shock Troops and 20 crew to get the ship up for repairs and running... 
no less. Prisoners delivered in these captured ships will be 
recorded in your Mission Tally, so you do not need to keep all the 
prisoners in your own ship.
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