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Starfighter 3000 Cheats

Starfighter 3000


It is better to upgrade the ship one step at a time with the crystals rather
than getting a Megaship from a parachute. The Megaship lasts a short amount 
of time, but crystal-based upgrades are permanent. 

Surface-to-air missiles:
SAMs have a limited altitude range and will blow up if they fly too high. If 
a group of SAMs are heading in, climb at full speed, wait for them to blow up
and return for another attack run. Deploying an ECM as a SAM is being launched
will cause detonation and will damage or destroy the SAM site. 

Loop and strafe:
To destroy building without having to execute a strafing run, fly up to the 
target and begin looping. While looping, fire your lasers as the building becomes 
a target until it is destroyed.
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