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Starcraft Battle Chest Cheats

Starcraft Battle Chest

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K

While you are playing, press enter and type in the name of the code 
and press enter.

Code                          Result
power overwhelming          - All units are invincible 
food for thought            - Disable Food/Psi Requirements 
staying alive               - Disable Level Victory 
war aint what it used to be - Disable persistent Fog of War 
modify the phase variance   - Disable Tech Tree 
ophelia                     - Enable level skipping 
operation cwal              - fast build mode 
medievel man                - Free Technology Upgrades 
something for nothing       - Free Upgrades to all units 
the gathering               - Infinate Energy 
game over man               - Instantly lose current level 
there is no cow level       - Instantly win current level 
breathe deep                - Receive 10,000 Gas 
whats mine is mine          - Receive 10,000 Minerals 
show me the money           - Receive 10,000 Minerals and Gas 
black sheep wall            - Reveal entire map
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