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Spooky Castle The Adventures of Kid Mystic Cheats

Spooky Castle - The Adventures of Kid Mystic

Cheat Codes:
Simply type in any of these words when playing the game: 

Code              Result
kablooie        - Huge Explosions
hammersplease   - Max Hammer Power
zappo           - Win Current Level
zool            - Get Keys
medic           - Restore Health
agua            - Walk on Water/Lava
barrier         - Shield
plopplopfizfiz  - Ultimate fireballs
damedinero      - $500

Armageddon Sword:
Collect every sword in each chapter to obtain the ultimate weapon, 
the Armageddon Sword.

Free Items:
First you need as much money as you need to buy the item you want, so fight
a lot. Go into the shop in the chapter, and buy the item you want, then
press exit but DON'T move! Save the game right away, and then load it
WITHOUT moving. You will get the item you wanted AND all your money back!

Get secret level:
Now this one's not gonna be easy but follow this, first ya gonna need the 
FOUR keychains (the squash, the rocket, thepumpkin and the hammer )there real
easy ta find No.1 (the squash) you'll find dis one in da cemetery, just keep 
going down to da last line of gravestones,and presto!!! it's right behind the
first one no.2 (the rocket) you'll find dis one in 'a warm bath' just type 
'agua' to walk over the lava to da right of ya then you'll see it!
no.3 ( the pumpkin ) dis one's in 'cobweb central' ya need at least one
hammer for dis then go up the top-right hand passage untill da very end then
keep firing hammers at the top left wall so a secret passage opens then,
well daaa !! go up it stupid!!
no.4 (the hammer) its on da level 'whats with the bats?' i gess you've
alredy seen where it is but how to get in well its easy, IF and only if you
have seen it , in the top left hand corner of da box you'll see sumfin' dat
looks kinda funny on da floor, just walk over it to press it then find da
two uda ones but i'm not going to tell you where !!!

Chapter 1: Piece of Armageddon Sword:
The Armageddon sword piece in chapter 1 is on the level Grasslands at the top
left corner. There is a hole in the grass, go through that.

Chapter 1: Level up:
It is a good idea to go to level 50 and get all the items while still in 
chapter 1.

Chapter 3: Money and spell:
On chapter 3, The Vault, the combination is X V I (16 in Roman numerals). 
You can then enter the safe and have a choice. You can select either Knowledge 
but only one or Wealth. Select "Knowledge", then "Give up". You will still have 
the spell. Reenter the combination, go into the money section, get the money, 
and you will get both.
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