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SpeedBusters American Highways Cheats

SpeedBusters - American Highways

Cheat Codes:
Enter at the beginning of the race:

Code          Result
fulofit     - Unlimited Nitro
choperview  - Chopper View
notimelim   - Arcade Mode Checkpoints Off
tagkiller   - Bumped Racers Get Sent Back to Start
blackice    - Poor Control
crazyedie   - No Brakes
hwy69       - All cars and tracks

Tip 1:
Don't waste money on the radar detector. One run-through of 
each track is enough to memorize the positions of the speed 

Tip 2:
The road map option is very helpful. It will give you much-
needed warnings of corners and help you stay on course should
you get lost in the terrain. 

Tip 3:
Don't overuse the nitro. Although it is tempting to lean on it
when you need to catch up after a crash, in most cases it just
sets you up for an even worse crash as you ricochet off one 
obstruction after another like a high-speed pinball.
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