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Speedy Eggbert Cheats

Speedy Eggbert

Cheat Codes:
Update by: Sahil Balani
Submitted by: RM

Press [Pause/Break] enter one of the following codes, then press
[Pause/Break] again to activate the cheat function.

Result               Code
Invincibility      - megablupi
Show secret spots  - showsecret
Get a skateboard   - funskate
Get a tank         - drivetank
Get a helicopter   - givecopter

To make Speedy Eggbert run, press [F6]. Note: This will also cause Speedy
Eggbert to drive and ride on his skateboard faster.

Changing items:
Note: This was done in the v0.1 demo version. Go into an area with a lot 
of items. Do not get the items. Remain idle for quite awhile. After a 
long time, you will see those items change into other items repeatedly 
very quickly.

Move slower:
To make the game run slower, press [F5]. 

Note: This was done in the v0.1 demo version. While Eggbert is standing 
still, press [Shift] and the direction you are facing to glide across 
the floor.
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